Turin Trade Unions

Guide to the CISL records

The latest work of the Fondazione Vera Nocentini is the publication of a guide to the trade union historical archives of the Italian Confederation of Workers Unions (CISL) of Turin.

The Fondazione was conceived and organized "as a cultural service for all those who are interested in getting informed about trade unions and the social problems in Turin and in the province, in studying its characteristics, events and activities in the years following the Second World War." It offers an archive -- the one this guide is about -- and a newspaper library.

In the guidebook researchers can find above all the inventory of the CISL of Turin from 1947 to 1995 according to the former organization of the documents. The guide includes a note by Mario Dellacqua, "The Main Historical Events of the USP-CISL of Turin in the Post-War Period", that draws attention to the many unsolved problems of interpretation.

For more information write to:

Fondazione Vera Nocentini
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Posted: 24 February 2000