Bakunin on CD-ROM

Collected works published by the IISH

The International Institute of Social History presented Mikhail Bakunin's Oeuvres complètes on a CD-ROM containing all known texts written by the Russian anarchist in both the original version and, whenever applicable, a French translation.

The IISH holds a considerable collection of Bakunin's papers, part of which were published in the series Archives Bakounine, edited by Arthur Lehning (1961-81). Yet more than 40 other archival institutions possess from one to many thousands of pages of his manuscripts. All of them have now been brought together on the CD-ROM. Whenever possible, the originals have been reproduced together with the transcripts.

This publication completes a long-time project funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The CD-ROM has been developed by the Netherlands Institute of Scientific Information Services and is distributed by Edita, the Academy's publishing house.

ISBN 90 6984 303 X, Price: NLG 995

Information and orders:
Edita-KNAW, P.O. Box 19121, 1000 GC Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Posted: 20 October 2000