Work and the Image

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Work and the Image (vols I and II)
Edited by Valerie Mainz and Griselda Pollock

Work and the Image addresses a critical theme in contemporary social and cultural debates whose place in visual representation has been recently neglected. Offering a breadth of historical perspectives from Greek pottery to contemporary performance, the essays collected here provide an exciting and challenging reconsideration of the image of work, the meaning of work process, and the complex issues around artistic activity as itself a form of work even as it offers a representation of labor.

Volume I treats the changing fields of definitions of work as labour, craft, social relations and a source of historical identity, while analyzing the role of visual representation in their formation and transformation. Concentrating on the era of modernity and its postmodern aftermath, Volume II examines the diverse ways in which the social relations of work in industrial societies from both capitalist and socialist spheres were publically and privately mediated by changing forms of visual representation.

Valerie Mainz and Griselda Pollock, University of Leeds, UK.

ISBN 0-7546-0234-6, Winter 2001, c. 500 pages
c. $165.00 / c. £95.00, 2 Volume Set, Hardback
c. 84 b/w illustrations

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Posted: 2 January 2001