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E-bulletin January 2001

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January 2001

Ewan Mac Coll event postponed

As a mark of respect to Kirsty Mac Coll who was tragically killed before Christmas the Trustees took a decision to postpone the Ewan Mac Coll celebration. The event should have taken place in the Annexe of the Library on Sunday 7th January. Those of you who have tickets please hold on to them as there is every intention to hold the event at a later date. We apologise for any inconvenience that the timing of the postponement may have caused.

New Acquisitions

Ruth Frow has recently added some interesting books to the collection. 'The Fourth Programme' by W. S. Adams was kindly given to us by Alan Clarke. It is a humerous look at a peace broadcast on the radio and the establishments response to it. Published in 1955, the author was involved in the 1926 General Strike and was an historian. Cartoons by 'Gabriel' fill out the book which was published by Lawrence & Wishart.
Also received is a copy of 'We cannot park on both sides' by Mike Cooper and Ray Parkes. This is a history of the contribution made to the Spanish Civil War by activists in Reading. Published by the Reading International Brigades Memorial Committee.
'Selected Poems' by Randall Swingler is now in our collection. This is a new publication compiled by Andy Croft. Randall Swingler was the best known poet in the British Communist Party in the 1930's and 40's. He edited the 'Left Song Book' and did book reveiws for the Daily Worker.
David Stack has kindly donated a new book by him, entitled 'Nature and Artifice'. It is a study of Thomas Hodgskin (thinker) and has been published by the Royal Historical Society.
Finally we have a copy of 'Uniting the Tailors' by Anne J. Kershen. This is about the amalgamation of six Jewish tailoring unions in 1915 and the history that led to it. It contrasts and compares the union in both Leeds and London. Many Thanks to Henry Suss who requested that we receive a copy and to the author who sent it.

Reading Room completed

The decorating work has now been completed. Work finished on Thursday 4th January and Staff have been busy bringing in the furniture to get the room back to normal. The Reading room is now available once again for researchers and visitors.

2001 Bulletin

The Trustees and friends were busy during Christmas and the New Year sending out the latest yearly bulletin. This year features poetry from the chartist periodical, 'Nothern Star', a history of the Labour Representation Committee, James Connolly in Salford, the history of Salford's Caxton Hall, an essay on the FWWCP (Federation of Writer Workshop and Community Publishers, Salford 'Labour Voice', and much more. At 87 pages it is worth subscribing to (includes membership of the Friends) at £5 waged and £2 concessionary. Cheques should be made payable to 'Friends of the WCML' and sent to the address below.

Work Placement

Charles Outram from the Liverpool John Moores University will be joining us until 26th January. he will be here as part of a work experience for the Library and Information Management Studies.

Think of our Library

Whilst we do not wish to lose any of our valuable friends the Trustees would like to remind you that if you are thinking of making out a Will to consider the WCML. Any money should be made out to 'Friends of the Working Class Movement Library'. Many thanks to those who have already done so.

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Posted: 22 January 2001