Work, Organization, Struggle

Australian Society for the Study of Labour History conference

Australian Society for the Study of Labour History
7th Biennial National Conference
Australian National University
Canberra, 19-21 April 2001

The conference committee is now seeking informal presentations and work-in- progress papers from academics, postgraduates and others who would like a stimulating environment in which to discuss their work.

The theme of the conference is work*organisation*struggle: highlighting the role played by work as a source of identity, consciousness and mobilisation; emphasising the importance of class as a means of understanding society; concerned also with gender, ethnicity, religion, locality, region and nation, and their relationship to the world of work and the labour movement and its institutions.

This year's conference will be particularly strong in the areas of social history, the the history of the labour movement in the Pacific, the history of the parliamentary Labor Party (whose centenary roughly coincides with the conference), the history of the Canberra region labour movement, the sociology of work, and communist history.

Our keynote speakers are Sharan Burrow (ACTU), Neville Kirk (Manchester Metropolitan University), Joy Damousi, Terry Irving, and Marilyn Lake, Henry Reynolds and Bain Attwood. Other contributors include Stuart Macintyre, Marilyn Dooley (Screensound Australia), David Headon, and industrial relations journalists Helen Trinca and Brad Norington. We are awaiting confirmation from John Paksa (Secretary, PNG Trade Union Congress) and Joses Tuhanuku (former General Secretary of the Solomon Islands General Workers Union).

Labour history conferences are always an amalgam of academics and activists; and a mixture of formally refereed papers and informal presentations. To offer a Work in Progress paper, or an informal presentation, please send us an abstract of about 100 words by 15 February 2001. We will be producing a publication of conference papers which will include refereed and non-refereed papers: you are welcome to send either a text (of no more than 5000 words including endnotes), or an outline for publication. The deadline is also 15 February. See our website for details.

The seventh biennial labour history conference is being organised by the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, Canberra Region Branch. We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the History Program, Research School of Social Sciences, ANU, and the many organisations which have financially supported the conference.

To contact the conference organisers:

phone: 02 6125 2347
fax: 02 6125 3969
mail: Labour History Conference,
c/o History Program, Research School of Social Sciences,
Australian National University, Canberra 0200.


Posted: 30 January 2001