Amadeo Bordiga

Essay competition

The Amadeo Bordiga Foundation gives notice that an election will be held to a Scholarship for an Essay on the topic:

The figure and activity of Amadeo Bordiga in the context of the International Socialist and Communist Movement

The Scholarship value amounts to LIT 4,000,000 (four million Italian Liras) or 2065.83 Euros (two thousand and sixty-five/ 83 cents), less applicable tax.


  1. The Scholarship is open to Italian and foreign researchers.
  2. Applicants are required to submit an unpublished essay on the above topic (i.e. graduation, Dr. Ph. thesis or other).
  3. The essay in triplicate is to be sent by registered mail to the Foundation Chairman, Bruno Maffi, Casella Postale 1321, 20101 Milano, Italy, by May 31, 2002. The postmark date will be effective.
  4. Applicants are required to submit, along with their application, their first name, family name, date and place of birth, address, telephone number (fax and e-mail, if available), educational qualifications, profession, fellowship of any Institute or Research Centre, a summary of their scientific achievements, a list of their papers and titles, if any. If applicants are submitting a thesis, they must include a certificate of graduation from the University showing the date and the grading obtained. If not, Applicants may produce a short statement of their research activities, including attainments and qualifications, if any.
  5. When submitting their essay, Applicants are required to certify that their essay has not been published yet.

The Election Board will consist of the Members of the Foundation Scientific Comittee (Michele Fatica, Giorgio Galli, Liliana Grilli, Bruno Maffi, Mario Maffi, Arturo Peregalli).The indisputable decision of the Election Board will be made by November 30, 2002 and directly communicated to all applicants.
The Scholarship amount will actually be paid by December 31, 2002.
The Election Board reserves the right to fail to grant the Scholarship if none of the essays submitted is regarded worthy.
The essays will not be returned and may become heritage of the Foundation's Library.
Upon indication of the Election Board, the Foundation may publish the essay elected at the Foundation's expense.

For further information please apply to:

The Foundation Chairman
Bruno Maffi
Formia, December 11, 2000


The Amadeo Bordiga Foundation was formed out of the will of Mrs. Antonietta De Meo, Bordiga's widow, and formally registered by the Ministry of Interior's Decree of 5.8.1998. The founding members were people of various political and educational backgrounds and careers. They undertook to fulfill Mrs. De Meo's will, many of them being her friends, and to pursue the common aims set out in the Constitution.
"The Foundation's aim," art. 2 goes, "is as follows: to highlight the figure of Amadeo Bordiga, the founder of the Commmunist Party of Italy at the Leghorn Congress (January 1921), from all complex and interconnected humane, cultural and ideological aspects, in the frame of the National and International Proletarian Movement; to underline the man's moral and intellectual strictness in an ever-changing Italian and world situation; the man's inflexibility of his fight for the Marxist doctrine and programme". To this end the Foundation "grants Scholarships and funds and promotes the following: a) historical research work b) publications related to above aim c) the rearrangement, listing and preservation of all existing material to be enriched further with the collection of any documents anywhwre". The Foundation also fosters "the relations with the more important librairies both at home and abroad with a wiew to documenting the presence of Amadeo Bordiga; the publication of his little known or hard-to-find writings, the reprint of his writings compiled at different times and the editing his complete works. The books and documents will be kept in a library/Archives to be arranged in the very house at Formia, in which the testatrix lived with Amadeo Bordiga". Now this is the Foundation's Registered Office.

The Amadeo Bordiga Foundation's Registered Office
Via Amadeo Bordiga
04023 Formia (LT), ITALY

Chairman: Bruno Maffi
Vice-Chairman: Edoardo Osser
Secretary: Francesco Carta
Treasurer: Maria R. Battaglia
Trustees: Maria Rosaria Battaglia, Franco Bellone, Francesco Carta, Antonio Di Filippo, Umberto Domitri, Michele Fatica, Liliana Grilli, Annunziata Lepri, Bruno Maffi, Eros Mercuriali, Edoardo Osser, Iole Rugiero, Antonio Sciarretta, Elio Sperduto
Scientific Committee: Michele Fatica, Giorgio Galli, Liliana Grilli, Bruno Maffi, Mario Maffi, Arturo Peregalli

For further information please apply to:
Maria Rosaria Battaglia, tel-fax: 0771.770786 e-mail:
Liliana Grilli, tel-fax: 02.5454785 e-mail:

Posted: 1 February 2001