Labour Organizations and Sexuality

Conference in Dijon

Socialism and Sexuality Series
IIHS (Amsterdam), EHESS (Paris), IHC-UMR 5605 (Dijon)

Labour Organizations and Sexuality
Friday, 5 October, 2001, Dijon
Preliminary Program

This session will deal with the positions of labour organizations (trade unions, political parties) on sexuality, in the western world, from the last years of the XIXth century to the 1970s. Case studies will help to understand the role of sexuality in the projects of progressist movements. When is this question central, when is it not? Can discourses on sexuality express social contestation? Are they different from the discourses of the upper classes ? What about discrepancy between the discourses and the practices? What about conflicts inside organizations themselves (leaders-militants-intellectuals-young people, women)?


  • Saturday, 15 September, 2001: Online program and summaries of the papers (sites: IHC and IISG)
  • Friday, 5 October, 2001: Session (Dijon, Université de Bourgogne, 10AM-6PM)
  • Saturday, 6 October, 2001: Preparation of the next session (Dijon, Université de Bourgogne (10AM-noon)

Please notice : papers and debates in English.

Contact: Thomas Bouchet / Tania Régin

Posted: 13 March 2001