On whiteness, Ottoman labour history

In International Labor and Working-Class History, #60, Fall 2001:

Scholarly Controversy; Whiteness and the Historians' Imagination

  • Judith Stein, "Whiteness and United States History: An Assessment"
  • Eric Arnesen, "Whiteness and the Historians' Imagination"
  • James R. Barrett, "Whiteness Studies: Anything Here for Historians of the Working Class?"
  • David Brody, "Charismatic History: Pros and Cons"
  • Barbara J. Fields, "Whiteness, Racism, and Identity"
  • Eric Foner, "Response to Eric Arnesen"
  • Victoria C. Hattan, "Whiteness, Theorizing Race, Eliding Ethnicity"
  • Adolph Reed, Jr., "Response to Eric Arnesen"

This same issue also contains a collection of essays on "Labor History in the Ottoman Middle East, 1789-1922" edited by Professor Donald Quataert:

Labor History in the Ottoman Middle East, 1700-1922

  • Donald Quataert, "Labor History and the Ottoman Empire, c. 1700-1922"
  • John Chalcraft, "The Coal Heavers of Port Sa'id: State-Making and Worker Protest, 1869-1914"
  • Cengiz Kirli, "A Profile of the Labor Force in Early Nineteenth-Century Istanbul"
  • Fariba Zarinebaf-Shahr, "The Role of Women in the Urban Economy of Istanbul, 1700-1850"
  • Including an ILWCH Archives' memoir, Ethen Cavus, "A Coal Miner's Life during the Late Ottoman Empire"

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Posted: 18 April 2001