The Comintern and Its Critics

TOC: 'Revolutionary History'

The latest issue of Revolutionary History, on 'The Comintern and Its Critics,' contains the following articles:

  • John McIlroy, New Light on Arthur Reade: Tracking Down Britain's First Trotskyist
  • Fritz Keller, Trotskyism in Austria
  • Charles Wesley Ervin, Philip Gunawardena: The Making of a Revolutionary
  • Walter Kendall, The Communist International and the Turn from 'Social-Fascism' to the Popular Front
  • Jean-Jacques Marie, The Journal of Georgi Dimitrov
  • Ante Ciliga, How Tito Took Over the Yugoslav Communist Party
  • John McIlroy, Rehabilitating Communist History: The Communist International, the Communist Party of Great Britain and Some Historians

Reviews include:

  • Albert Archar (ed), The Legacy of Ernest Mandel (Brian Green)
  • Georg Lukács, A Defence of History and Class Consciousness: Tailism and the Dialectic (Cyril Smith)
  • Dave Renton, Fascism, Anti-Fascism and Britain in the 1940s (Sheila Lahr)
  • Victor Serge, Witness to the German Revolution (Mike Jones)
  • Wilebaldo Solano, El POUM en la historia: Andreu Nin y la revolución española (John Sullivan)
  • Ian D Thatcher, Leon Trotsky and World War One, August 1914-February 1917 (Al Richardson)
  • Amir Weiner, Making Sense of War: The Second World War and the Fate of the Bolshevik Revolution (Paul Flewers)
  • Barry Lee Woolley, Adherents of Permanent Revolution: A History of the Fourth (Trotskyist) International (Al Richardson)

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Posted: 15 June 2001