Social Movement Studies

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Social Movement Studies
journal of social, cultural and political protest

Social Movement Studies is an international and inter-disciplinary journal providing a forum for academic debate and analysis of extra-parliamentary political, cultural and social movements throughout the world. The journal will be launched in 2002 and we are now actively looking for contributions. Social Movement Studies has a broad, inter-disciplinary approach designed to accommodate papers engaging with any theoretical school and which study the origins, development, organisation, values, context and impact of historical and contemporary movements active in all parts of the world. We understand our inter-disciplinary approach to include both contributions that engage with particular schools of thought relevant to social movements and popular protest and contributions that extend across disciplinary boundaries. Social Movement Studies aims to publish soundly researched analyses and to re-establish writing as intervention. From this broad and inclusive perspective we will be interested in contributions dealing with social movements, popular protests and networks that support protest. This includes contributions dealing with but not restricted to:

  • movements of all types including gender, race, sexuality, indigenous people's rights, disability, ecology, peace, youth, age, religion, animal rights and others
  • forms of communication, media and representation engaged with social change, including the Internet and cybercultures
  • networks of support and broad 'ways of life' engaged with alternative social systems,
  • appraisals of popular reactionary movements or populist movements of the 'right'
  • subcultures and countercultures, including such things as the place of dance, pleasure or music in resistance
  • identities and the construction of collective identities
  • relations between protests and social structures, including situating movements in local, regional, national, international and global socio-economic and cultural contexts
  • theoretical reflections on the significance of social movements and protest

If you work in these or related areas we would be very pleased to hear from you with a contribution. If you would like to discuss your potential contribution please contact the editors at or Social Movement Studies, C/-Pavis Centre for Social and Cultural Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA, UK. For further details on how to submit a paper, including full 'Notes for Contributors' please visit and search for the journal title or request a copy from the above addresses. Manuscripts can be sent to the same addresses, though please first look at the Notes for Contributors.

Tim Jordan, Adam Lent, George McKay,
The Editors

Posted: 15 June 2001