Protest Issues and Actions

CFP: Popular Culture Association

The Protest Issues and Actions section of the Popular Culture Association seeks proposals for its paper sessions at the 33rd annual Popular Culture Conference to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana April 16-19, 2003.

Any disciplinary perspective may be used to examine dissent, past or present, with either a local, national or international focus. Topics covered in a broad interpretation of protest include analysis of groups; the impact of an individual (leader, hero, philosopher, etc) on a movement; feminist protest; the successes or failures of a particular action or event; counter-protests; government attempts to quell protest; as well as the literary, musical, theatrical, artistic, philosophical, rhetorical, political and sociological aspects of protest.

Recent papers have examined protest quilts, poetry, travel and music; political dissent in Germany,Rumania and South Africa; environmental protests in Latin America and the United States; labor struggles in Peru, Cuba and Mexico; the history of the peace symbol and antinuclear marches; the impact of the Guerilla Girls on the New York art scene; Vietnam antiwar activities on various U.S. campuses and the government's response to them; peace marches and actions following September 11, 2001; and Daniel Cohn-Bendit's influence on the 1968 student protest in France.

Send 100 word abstract via email to the Chair by Deadline Sept. 22, 2002.

Contact information:
Lotte Larsen, Assoc Professor Emeritus
Chair, Protest Issues and Actions
Western Oregon University
Hamersly Library
Monmouth, OR 97361