Communist Studies

Online publications

* The publication of the online version of The International Newsletter of Communist Studies, beginning with the 2001 issue which should have been realized three months after the publication of the paper version was delayed because of technical problems at the publishing house.

* With the assistance of Christian Melbeck, head of the Computer department of the Mannheim Centre for European Studies, it has been possible now to put The International Newsletter - online (no 14 - 2001) on the Internet. You may consult the 78 pages in PDF format together with the improved homepage - have a look at: The software required is Acrobat Reader.

* The 2002 issue of the Jahrbuch für historische Kommunismusforschung together with Newsletter no 15 is now available (see the publisher's announcement and electronic ordering - still not completed):

* The delivery began only one week ago, it is published in nice hardcover by Aufbau Verlag Berlin, containing 502 pages (ISBN 3-351-02682-X). The price is 75 Euro / 117,00 Sfr.

* Concerning Newsletter 15: As the final layout and formatting of the 2002 issue have been done in Mannheim the same problems will not raise again and the online version of the Newsletter 15 will be put on the Internet at the beginning of November. The news about meetings and conferences will be put on the Internet within the next days.

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