Sovietization of the Baltic States

CFP: workshop in Estonia

The Sovietization of the Baltic States 1940-56
International Workshop
9-11 May 2003
Haapsalu, Estoniap

Call for Papers

After the occupation and annexation of the Baltic States in 1940 there started a long lasting process of sovietization until the regaining of independence in 1991. The goal of the workshop is to bring together scholars from the Baltic States, the West and Russia to discuss different aspects of the sovietization. The papers will be published later. Languages of the workshop are English and German.

Five sessions are planned:

  • Politics
  • Terror and Repression
  • Economics
  • Culture and Education
  • Everyday-Life

The presentation of each paper should not extend beyond 20 minutes. The papers are discussed after presentation and at the end of each session will follow a broader discussion of the theme.

We are able to offer participants free board and accomodation and cover part of the travel expenses.

The location of the workshop is the Rannarootsi Muuseum in Haapsalu, the medieval site of a bishopric and a 19th century spa on the Baltic Sea, 90 minutes by bus from the Estonian capital Tallinn.

The workshop is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart.

Please send your proposal for a paper (250-300 words) and a short CV no later than 1 February 2003, by e-mail, to the local organizer Dr. Olaf Mertelsmann (