DANGO Project

Ann: NGOs archives database
DANGO (Database of Archives of Non-Governmental Organisations) is an archival project based at the University of Birmingham (UK). It aims to gather as much information as possible on the availability of records relating to non-governmental organisations and pressure groups active in the UK since 1945. The project's outcome will be a fully functional online database (currently already available for research, although as a trial and incomplete version). This will then facilitate future research in this important area of history, embracing fields as diverse as environmentalism, peace activism and human rights.

DANGO, which is a publicly (Arts and Humanities Research Council) funded project is entirely free for visitors, users and researchers.

DANGO Project
Department of Modern History
University of Birmingham, Birmingham
B15 2TX United Kingdom
Tel: +44-121 415 8413
Website: [url]http://www.dango.bham.ac.uk[/url]
Contact: [mailto]dango@contacts.bham.ac.uk[/mailto]