IISH News Service June 4, 2007

IISH website items in May
A dozen music sheets from the French revolutionary and anarchist movements

Exhibition 'Oud zeer. Tekeningen en animaties van Joep Bertrams' in the Dutch Press Museum (in Dutch)

Contents, summaries, and reviews of the first issue of the 'Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis' (TSEG). (Text in Dutch, summaries in English)

Contents and summaries of volume 52 part 1 of the 'International Review of Social History'.

Lectures by Jan Willem Stutje and Michael Krätke on the occasion of the publication of the biography of Ernest Mandel.

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2007, more on the 'Alexander Herzen Foundation' collection

A list of Russian language books published under the auspices of IISH and others

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Until 9 September 2007
Exhibition: "Joep Bertrams"
In: Persmuseum

Until 30 June 2007
Exhibition of photographs 'Beweging' [Motion]

15 June 2007
NEHA conference: Economische en sociale geschiedenis voor de 21ste eeuw Organized by NEHA, N.W. Posthumus Institute and IISH

19 June 2007
Lecture: 'Gender en Globalisering' by Karin Willemse

21 June 2007
Meeting Friends of the IISH
Theme: Hundred Years of Social Democratic City Council Politics in the Netherlands

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