Labor History and Public History

CFP: ILWCH special issue
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Dear colleagues:

Please have a look below. It would be very important to have articles from Continental Europe and Asia (we already have good proposals from the US, UK, Latin America and South Africa). Do you have any suggestions? Please circulate it as much as possible and do consider to write something.


Call for Papers

International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH)
"Labor History and Public History"

ILWCH is soliciting articles for a special thematic issue that will analyze initiatives in labor history that extend beyond the academic world to a broader public audience. The issue will engage questions that deal directly with the political and public aspects of the discipline of labor history. What is the relation of public labor history projects to academic research and debate? What is the impact of these projects? What are their political, historiographical, and theoretical implications? This issue will include both articles and shorter descriptions of initiatives in public and labor history, including reviews of films, plays, books, photo collections, and museum exhibits.

Possible topics for articles might include educational and cultural projects organized by trade unions, governments, and immigrant and civil rights organizations, for example, and might include analyses of labor history websites, photo exhibits, labor and labor history museums, labor history tours and tourism, labor archives, oral history projects, labor maps, labor education projects, music, art, film, and theater, public celebrations and labor history, photo and video exhibits, public history projects related to the history of slavery, and academic programs in public history.

The issue will include articles on labor and public history projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, the United States, and Europe.

For more information and queries about this thematic issue, please contact the editors of this issue: Thomas Klubock ([mailto][/mailto]) and Paulo Fontes [mailto][/mailto]).

All submissions should be sent to

New School for Social Research phone (212) 229-5921
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Attn: Labor and Public History Special Issue Editors

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The deadline for receiving the articles and contributions is February 28, 2008.