Artisans in India and Massachusetts

Two book reviews
Vipul Singh, The Artisans in Eighteenth-Century Eastern India: A History of Survival. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company, 2005. ix + 118 pp. Rs.250 (hardback), ISBN: 81-8069-235-3.
Reviewed for EH.NET by Ian C. Wendt, Department of History, Washington State University

William H. Mulligan, Jr., The Shoemakers of Lynn, Massachusetts, 1850-1880: The Family during the Transition from Hand to Machine Labor. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2006. vii + 156 pp. $100 (cloth), ISBN:0-7734-5586-8.
Reviewed for EH.NET by Christiane Diehl Taylor, Department of History, Eastern KentuckyUniversity