IISH News Service 1 October 2007

New items on the IISH website in Aug and Sep 2007
Just published: 27th Yearbook for Women's History in the Netherlands - (in Dutch).

"To Read Too Many Books is Harmful" (Mao Zedong). Web exhibition about books in Chinese propaganda posters.

A selection of twelve editions from the Academy Library illustrating the close connections between this collection and other IISH collections.

Jaap Kloosterman has decided to step down as director of the IISH.

A conference on digitizing newspapers co-organized by Persmuseum - (in Dutch).

Recently acquired: Russian Rosta posters and a collection on Slovenian and Yugoslav miners in the Netherlands.

Call for papers for the ITH conference "1968 - A view of the protest movements 40 years after, from a global perspective".

Contents and summaries of volume 52 part 2 of the International Review of Social History.____________________________________________________

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Until 7 October 2007
Exhibition: "Oud zeer" - political drawings by Joep Bertrams
In: Persmuseum - (in Dutch)

2 October 2007
Conference: "Digitizing newspapers", co-organized by Persmuseum

5 - 6 October 2007
Conference: "The Past and Present of the International Labour Organization"
Organized by AMSAB and IISG

25 October 2007 - 2 March 2008
Exhibition: "K'ranti! De Surinaamse Pers, 1774-2007"
In: Persmuseum - (in Dutch)

16 November 2007
Workshop: "Over de zin en onzin van kwantitatief verenigingsonderzoek"
[quantitative research on associations (in Dutch)]

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