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Book ann: Collection Carnot
The Presses Universitaires des Rennes and the Collection Carnot have just released a new book by Michel Cotte:Le choix de la révolution industrielle. Les entreprises de Marc Seguin et de ses frères (1815-1835)

In the 1820s and 1830s, France was an emerging country: a young dragon of the nascent industrial world. France had put itself both in the footsteps of and in direct competition with the uncontestable leader of the time: Great Britain. The latter had just created what we now refer to as the "industrial revolution" and it dominated the world after its victory over Napoleon's armies. Which men, techniques and enterprises effectively took up the challenge of industrialization? Historical research into the accomplishments of Marc Seguin and his brothers lead us far from the clichés all too commonplace in the institutional history of sciences or in industrial histories limited exclusively to metropolitan France...

Complete presentation and table of contents
574 pages, Illustrations, 16 cm/24 cm
Sources and Bibliography, Index of Names
Price: 24 €, ISBN: 978-2-7535-0476-9

Yannick Marec 2006's book, Pauvreté et protection sociale. Des expériences rouennaises aux politiques nationales, won the Drouin de Lhuys 2007 Prize, by the Académie des Sciences Morales et politiques.
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