Emilio Canzi

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Just published by the Kate Sharpley Library, a collection of articles devoted to Emilio Canzi, Italian anarchist, who was a key figure in the partisan struggle against fascism in the Piacenza region.

Canzi was born in Piacenza on 14 March 1893, fought in the First World War, and joined the Italian anarchist movement in the 1920s. He helped train the Arditti del Popolo (People's Commmandos) who fought against Mussolini's Blackshirts. In exile, he agitated against fascism and fought it in the Spanish Civil War. Captured by the Germans in 1940, interned in Italy, he escaped to play a major part in the partisan struggle in his native Piacenza. He became head of the partisans of the XIIIth Zone, but was 'removed' by the Communist Party, and after escaping them, returned to fight as as "just another partisan". Just after the liberation he died after being hit by a British Army truck.As Finzi says, Canzi always fought on the side of freedom, and his story sheds a little more light on the role of anarchists in the resistance to fascism.

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Emilio Canzi : an anarchist partisan in Italy and Spain by Paolo Finzi and others, translated by Paul Sharkey Originally published as 'Dossier Emilio Canzi', supplement to A Rivista Anarchica (Cas. Post. 17120, I-20170 Milano, Italy. [url]http://www.arivista.org[/url]) number 316 (April 2006) ISBN 9781873605295 Anarchist sources series #7$3(USA) £3/£2 subscribers. Illustrated, 50 pages.

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