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Call for contributions
The European Workshop of Communist Studies - Call for Contributions:

The International Newsletter of Communist Studies No 21 (2008) (ISSN 1862-6971) The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online No 21 (2008) (ISSN 1862-698X) Der Internationale Newsletter der Kommunismusforschung Online La newsletter internationale des recherches sur le communisme online [...]

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are glad to announce that the upcoming 2008 issue of The International Newsletter for Communist Studies is about to be released. The conventional paper version will, as usual, be printed as a supplement to the Jahrbuch für Historische Kommunismusforschung, published by Aufbau Publishing House in Berlin, which will be available in the beginning of the next year. The unabridged online version will be put onto the International Newsletter's website at about the same time.

We well gladly accept any kind of scholarly news and contributions for the Newsletter. Please feel free to send us your project presentations, research notes, bibliographical contributions and any kind of information, which may fit into the following sections:

I.The Newsletter of the Newsletters: Communist Studies Newsletter - New issues. Selected Items.
II. News on Archives, Fonds and Institutions.
III. Research Projects and Dissertations - Work in progress.
IV. Materials for Biographical, Regional and Institutional Studies.
IV.1 Biographical Materials and Studies.
IV.2 Regional Materials and Studies.
IV.3 Institutional Materials and Studies.
V. New Publications - Reports, Presentations and Reviews.
V.1 Reviews.
V.2 Presentations and Publishers' Announcements.
VI. Meetings and Conferences concerning Communist Studies 2007-2009.
VII. The International Bibliography of Communist Studies. Issue 2007.
VIII. Periodicals on Communist Studies.
VIII.1 The International Bibliography of Journal Articles on Communist Studies. Issue 2007.
VIII.2 Directory of Periodicals on Communist Studies and connected Areas: Conventional and Online Journals, Newsletters, Discussion Lists, Bulletins and Services.
IX. Internet Resources. Websites relevant for Communist Studies.
X. Cultural and Artistic Performances Concerning the History of Communism (new movies, documentaries, stage performances, literary fiction etc.).
XI. Discussions, Debates, Historical Controversies.
XII. Miscellanea.

The deadline for your news and contributions is November 20, 2007. If you plan to contribute a longer text and do not have time to finish it until then, you may send in an abstract (of a few lines up to one page) for the printed edition of the INCS, and contribute the full text to the online edition until January 15, 2008.

The Newsletter publishes texts in English, French, Spanish or German. Shorter contributions and news in Russian, Polish, Italian and Portuguese are also welcome, yet they will get translated.

With the 2008 Newsletter edition, we decided to revive a Newsletter section that some readers might know from the 1990s - a bibliography of articles published in scholarly journals worldwide on the history of Communism and related topics (see VIII.2 in the list above). Especially here we need your contributions: if you have published an article in this field of studies in the year 2007, please send us the full bibliographical information (plus an abstract if available) and we will gladly include it into the bibliography.

Information on the International Newsletter and its past issues can be found on our homepage:

Wishing you successful activities,
All the best,

Dr. Bernhard H. Bayerlein (executive editor)
Gleb Albert M.A. (assistant editor)