Gay Men and the Left

Book ann: Manchester University Press
Gay Men and the Left in Post-war Britain - How the Personal got Political is shortly going to be out with MUP as part of the Critical Labour Movement Studies series.

This timely book demonstrates how the personal became political in post-war Britain, and argues that attention to gay activism can help us to fundamentally rethink the nature of post-war politics. Culture, performance and identity took over from economic and class struggle, as gay men worked to change the world through the politics of sexuality. Throughout the post-war years, the new cult of the teenager in the 1950s, CND and the counter-culture of the 1960s, gay liberation, feminism, the Punk movement and the miners' strike of 1984 all helped to build a politics of identity. When AIDS and Thatcherism impacted on gay men's lives in the 1980s, gay politics came into its own. Its impact was widespread, for example it and can be seen in New Labour's attitude to young voters and technology and the reality TV shows like Celebrity Big Brother.

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