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Call for articles, deadline 7 October
Call for submissions: Asian Sailors - A Special Issue of the Journal for Maritime Research

This special 'lascar' issue (JMR Nov 2014) invites scholars from across disciplines to consider the lives and labour of Asian sailors since the seventeenth century.
This volume will centre the sailors within new global and oceanic histories. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the role of these sailors in the global and inter-regional movement of ideas as well as materials and goods, in maritime labour movements, and in the development of urban port communities. We would welcome papers that enhance our understanding of broader questions of race, transnational identities and the development of colonial and post-colonial power structures. Finally, given the recent swell of discussion in several inter-related disciplines around how we theorise (and, notably, materialise) oceans and seas in scholarship, we would welcome papers that address the material and social worlds of these sailors onboard ship.
Extended abstracts of up to 500 words should be submitted to Dr Jesse Ransley at
jesse [at]
by October 7th 2013.
We will confirm whether your abstract has been accepted by November 30th 2013. Completed manuscripts should not exceed 8000 words (including tables and references etc) and must be received by March 31st 2014 ready for review.
For any enquiries please contact Jesse Ransley at jesse [at]

Dr Jesse Ransley
Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton, SO17 1BF

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