Integrity Project Conferences

Conferences, April-June 2014, London (UK) and Berlin (Germany)

The Integrity Project is an interdisciplinary project which explores the social, institutional, political and psychological preconditions for acting and speaking with integrity; those which undermine the possibility of integrity; and the consequences for individuals and societies of widespread failures of integrity. The project team are organizing two conferences for the spring and summer of 2014, and are looking for historians who would be interested in contributing a paper that connects with the project’s themes. The first conference, ‘Integrity Lost: what’s the harm in hypocrisy?’ will be held in London in April 2014 – it will explore circumstances that challenge personal integrity, and the consequences of compromise for individuals or communities. The second conference, ‘Saints and Monsters: Integrity at its Limits’ will be held in Berlin in June 2014, and will ask whether integrity demands uncompromising adherence to a set of values, and how those who act with integrity are (or have been) perceived – as saints, monsters or fanatics. You can find more information on the project website: Historians should send expressions of interest to