Research network - Anarchists and anarchisms in France since 1945


“Y'en a pas un sur cent et pourtant ils existent...”—Anarchists and anarchisms in France since 1945

I would like to test the water for a more or less informal, multidisciplinary research network concerned with all aspects of anarchist thought and practice in post-1945 France.

Depending on the response, this may be linked to subsequent applications for research funding with a view, amongst other things, to organising seminars and/or a conference, with the possibility of published proceedings. I would therefore be pleased to hear from anyone, whether employed as an academic or not, and working in whichever discipline (history, politics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, literature, art, film, cultural studies...), who has a research interest in any of the following areas (and this list is not intended to be exclusive—although please note that the absence from the list of the oxymoronic notions of ‘right-wing anarchism’ and ‘anarcho-capitalism’ is deliberate):

anarchist organisations
anarchist or ‘libertarian socialist’ reviews and networks
changing meanings of anarchism as a political ideology
syndicalist organisations, from the post-war CNT to SUD and anarchists’ role in other unions
the counter-culture, collectives, communes, politics of everyday life, political squats...
the notion of the ‘libertarian spirit’
anarchism and feminism, antiracism/antifascism, anticolonialism, pacifism...
anarchist anticommunism and commmunist antianarchism
theoretical or network overlaps/convergences between anarchism and marxism (Guérin, Fontenis, Socialisme ou Barbarie, situationism, the Cohn-Bendits, gauchisme, platformism...)
anarchist or anarchisant artists, writers and thinkers (Breton, Camus, Guattari, Schérer, Lebel...), photographers and film-makers (Cartier-Bresson, Gatti...), chansonniers (Brassens, Ferré...), illustrators/graphic novelists (Tardi...)
transnational networks and transfers
exile (eg. Spanish, Italian, German, Russian anarchists in France)
anarchists and political violence
anarchist punk/anarcho-punk
biography, autobiography, prosopography
anarchism and academia

Dr David Berry,
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Politics, History & International Relations,
Loughborough University,

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