New Scholarly Foundation for Iranian social and political history

Announcement, IISH, Amsterdam, Netherlands

In October 2013 a new scholarly foundation was inaugurated at the IISH under the name Prince Dr Sabbar Farman - Farmaian Research Project (PSFRP), thanks to the generous financial support of the Farman-Farmaian Family.

PSFRP is an academic, non-profit organization founded with the mission and objective of promoting and supporting research and scholarship on Iranian social and political history, culture and civilization, with special focus on the Qajar era (1794-1925).
The PSFRP activities will be conducted within the following four areas: lectures, research, publications and academic events. The PSFRP financially supports:

1. The five months per year visiting to IISH Research Fellowship. The primary object of this fellowship is to provide support and funding for PhD students and young scholars to conduct their studies and research at the IISH in Amsterdam.
2. The annual lecture, presented by a renowned scholar on the themes related to the Qajar history
3. The publication of the Farman-Farmaian Lecture Series

Through the end of 2013, a call for submitting the application for the first round of the PSFRP Research Fellowship will be announced.

For more information on the PSFRP you can contact Touraj Atabaki: