ITH Newsletter

Table of contents, vol. 50, n. 1, October 2013 (English and German text)

International Conference of Labour and Social History

Rundbrief / Newsletter
50. Jg., Nr. 1 (Okt. 2013) / 50th year, vol. 1 (Oct. 2013)

1. Editorial  | Editorial
2. Ergebnisse der Vorstandssitzung und Beschlüsse der Generalversammlung | Outcome of the Meeting of the Executive Committee and Decisions Reached by the General Assembly
3. Report of the 49th Linz Conference 2013: “Towards a Global History of Domestic and Caregiving Work”
4. Call for Papers: 50th Linz Conference 2014: “Work and Compulsion: Coerced Labour in Domestic, Service, Agricultural, Factory and Sex Work” | Appel à communications: 50e Conférence à Linz 2014: « Travail et contrainte : le travail forcé dans le domaine domestique, des services, de l’agriculture, à l'usine et du travail du sexe»
5. Neue ITH-Publikation: Sammelband zur Linzer Konferenz 2012 | New ITH Publication: Proceedings of the Linz Conference 2012
6. Veranstaltungen und Projekte | Events and Projects
7. Neuerscheinungen | New Publications