Early American Marxism website update


Early American Marxism website
Weekly Update 13-24
November 3, 2013

An array of 25 new files from several subject clusters this week: a plethora of short pieces dealing with the various permutations of anti-Socialist repression during World War I; four 1919 pdf issues of The Proletarian, official organ of the Socialist Party of Michigan/Proletarian University group associated with the CPA; ongoing daily coverage of the Socialist Party of America's seminal 1921 National Convention; articles by Socialist Party regular James Oneal about the early Communist movement and the SPA during the war published in The American Mercury during the middle-1920s; and a 1948 attack piece on the internal regime of Arnold Petersen in the Socialist Labor Party of America.

All of these files are available for free download and non-commercial reproduction from the following URL:


Thanks for your interest.

Tim Davenport

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