International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online (2013) - Short Delay


Dear readers of the International Newsletter, dear friends and colleagues,

The online issue of the International Newsletter for 2013 is on its way.
Unfortunately, extraordinary circumstances have caused its delay this year. We are editing the International Newsletter in our spare time, and the finishing of two book projects as well as various other academic commitments and new institutional arragements have prevented us from keeping our usual schedule of releasing the online version during late summer. Despite these difficulties, it will be released within the next weeks, and will feature a.o. article contributions on Argentinean and Ecuadorian communism and on the diaries of Georgi Dimitrov, eleven reviews of international literature, the extensive International Bibliography of Communist Studies with books and journal articles from 2012, and a multitude of news and information items. We are sorry for the delay and ask you to bear with us for a few more weeks.

If you have any short contributions such as archival or other news, conference announcements, or book presentations, you may still send them in for the International Newsletter's 2014 paper edition (to be published as a supplement of the 'Jahrbuch für historische Kommunismusforschung' 2014) until the end of October.

Kind regards,

Bernhard H. Bayerlein, Executive Editor
Gleb J. Albert, Junior Editor


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