CfP: The digitalisation of work, the economy, and migrant labour

Call for papers, deadline 31 October 2021

We are organising a themed stream of papers/panels called The digitalisation of work, the gig economy and migrant labour for the International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) to be held in Padua, Italy 21st - 23rd April 2022.

Paper submission deadline: 31st October 2021.

We would love to see paper proposal abstracts that examine empirical and theoretical aspects on:

  • Migrant workers and digitalised work: quantitative and qualitative aspects
  • Artificial Intelligence and work
  • Digitalisation and work-related policy
  • Digital surveillance
  • Labour struggles in the digitalised service sector
  • Unionism and self-organisation in the gig economy
  • The law of value, production and/or conservation of surplus value in digitalised service work
  • Surplus value, Artificial Intelligence and work: ambivalences and contradictions
  • Social reproduction and the digitalisation of work in the service sector
  • Everyday life of workers in the digitalised service sector

Abstracts should be between 350 and 500 words. Key words should be given that indicate the focus of research and the methods used. The abstract should contain clear information about theoretical orientation, findings, methodology, and what contribution is being made to knowledge. Abstracts of papers that are concerned solely with theoretical or conceptual matters will need to provide clear information on how they address and advance relevant debates. We encourage contributions especially from the Global South.

Abstract submission link here:

Abstract submissions opened at the start of 1st September 2021 and the deadline is 31/10/21.

Decisions of acceptance will be made by early December 2021.

Stream Organisers: Francesco Della Puppa, Nicola Montagna, Phoebe V Moore, Jamie Woodcock.