Social and Labour History News

Video, Amsab ISG, Gent, Belgium
Presentation, 11 May 2015, Sozialarchiv, Zürich, Switzerland (in German)
Call for papers, deadline 15 May 2014
Call for submissions, deadline 10 September 2015
Announcement, Labnet
Job opportunity, IISH, Amsterdam, Netherlands (in Dutch)
Call for papers, deadline 31 August 2015
Call for papers, deadline 30 Junel 2015
Call for papers, deadline 15 August 2015
Conference, 5-6 June 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Announcement, IISH, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Meeting, 13 June 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina (in Spanish)
Table of contents n 38, April 2015 (in French)
Announcement, Working Class Movement Library, Salford, UK
Table of contents, vol 10, nr 3, March 2015 (in Dutch)


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