Social and Labour History News

Call for papers, deadline 31 October 2015 (in German and English)
Call for papers, deadline 29 February 2016
Article, Swedish Labour Movements archives and library (in German)
Lecture, 22 October 2015, Bonn, Germany (in German)
Film Festival, 5-9 October 2015, São Paulo, Brazil
Conference, 16-17 October, Paris, France (in French)
Events, October 2015, People’s History Museum, Manchester, United Kingdom
Conference, 28 November 2015, Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Film screenings, September-October 2015 (in French)
Announcement, IISH, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Symposium, 2 October 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference, 30 March - 2 April 2016, Valencia, Spain
Conference, 21-23 March 2016, Lancaster, United KIngdom
Table of Contents, September 2015 (in German)
Call for applications, deadline 15 October 2015


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