Three from Feltrinelli

Publications on Russia and the Soviet Union

The Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli (Milan) announced the publication of three volumes related to the history of Russia and the Soviet Union:

  • Tra populismo e bolscevismo. La costruzione di una tradizione rivoluzionaria in URSS (1917-1941) - Il fondo russo della Fondazione Feltrinelli. (Emanuela Guercetti and Antonello Venturi, eds.) Milan 1999, 205 pp.
    A guide to the Russian holdings of the Feltrinelli Foundation.
  • GULAG. Il sistema dei lager in URSS. (Marcello Flores and Francesca Gori, eds.) Mazzotta, Milan 1999, 225 pp.
    Richly illustrated, with a bibliography.
  • Annali, vol XXXIV, 2000, "Russia in the Age of Wars" (Silvio Pons and Andrea Romano, eds.) April 2000.
    The latest issue of Feltrinelli's Yearbook.

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Posted: 18 February 2000