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TOC: 'Cahiers du Monde russe'

In 1999, the Cahiers du Monde russe published a special issue entitled: "Assessing the new Soviet archival sources / Archives et nouvelles sources de l'histoire soviétique, une réévaluation".

Articles include:

  • Andrea GRAZIOSI, The new Soviet archival sources. Hypotheses for a critical assessment.
  • Jonathan BONE, Soviet controls on the circulation of information in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Lidiia KOSHELEVA, Larisa ROGOVAIA, Les fonds d'archives personnels des dirigeants soviétiques: histoire de leur constitution et situation actuelle.
  • Oleg KHLEVNIUK, L'historien et le document. Remarques sur l'utilisation des archives.
  • Terry MARTIN, Interpreting the new archival signals. Nationalities policy and the nature of the Soviet bureaucracy.
  • Peter A. BLITSTEIN, Researching Stalin's nationality policy in the archives.
  • Matthew E. LENOE, Letter-writing and the state. Reader correspondence with newspapers as a source for early Soviet history.
  • D'Ann R. PENNER, Ports of access into the mental and social worlds of Don villagers in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Golfo ALEXOPOULOS, Voices beyond the Urals: The discovery of a central state archive.
  • Lesley A. RIMMEL, Svodki and popular opinion in Stalinist Leningrad.
  • Silvio PONS, The papers on foreign and international policy in the Russian archives. The Stalin years.
  • Anna M. CIENCIALA, Detective work: Researching Soviet World War II policy on Poland in Russian archives (Moscow, 1994).
  • Mark KRAMER, Declassified materials from CPSU Central Committee plenums. Sources, context, highlights.

The volume also includes a Bibliography of recent published document collections on Soviet history by Peter A. Blitstein as well as the list of all the archives listed in the articles.

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Posted: 24 February 2000