Franquism Investigated

Proceedings of the 'Tiempos de Silencio' conference

From 17 to 19 November 1999, the IV Encuentros de Investigadores del Franquismo were organized by the Fundació d'Estudis i Iniciatives Sociolaborals (FEIS) and the Contemporary History Department of the University of Valencia. The 120 contributions were collected in a volume, Tiempos de Silencio: Actas del IV encuentro de Investigadores del Franquismo, which was intended for distribution among the conference participants. In response to persistent demand the volume has now been reprinted and is available at a price of 5,000 pesetas.

To order please get in touch with:

María José Sigalat
Fundació d'Estudis i Iniciatives Sociolaborals (FEIS)
Pl. Nàpols i Sicilia nº5, 3ª planta
46003 València
Tel +34-963882111
Fax +34-963882107

Posted: 9 March 2000