Four from the IISH

Bengal and other collections presented

The International Institute of Social History is offering four presentations of parts of its collections:

  • Bengal social history: examples from the collection that is being built since 1996.
  • Sylvain Maréchal: the first item of a "calendar" based on the treasures in the Institute's collection.
  • José Ester Borrás: a biography of the founder of the Federación Española de Deportados e Internados Políticos, whose records are at the IISH.
  • Zo d'Axa: a selection of writings of the founder of two of the most legendary French magazines of the 1890s, L'Endehors and La Feuille.

Maréchal's and Zo d'Axa's documents are in French.

Posted: 1 November 2000