'Labor's Heritage'

TOC and Mother Jones dedication

Labor's Heritage, vol. 11, no. 2 has just been published. It contains the following articles:

  • Saul Schniderman
    "Mother Jones' Final Sojourn: My Search for the House Where the Miners' Angel Died" [See below for information about the dedication of a new historical marker to Mother Jones]
  • Wilson J. Warren, Bruce Fehn, and Marianne Robinson
    "They Met at the Fair: UPWA and Farmer-Labor Cooperation, 1944-1952"
  • Richard Steven Street
    "Life in the Canyons: Photographs of San Diego's Immigrant Shantytown Communities"
  • Moe Foner
    "Beauty, Laughter, Song, and Wisdom: My Life with the Bread and Roses Cultural Project"

In conjunction with Saul Schniderman's article on Mother Jones in Labor's Heritage, there will be the dedication on Saturday, December 2, 2000 of a Maryland Historical Trust highway sign at the site where Mother Jones spent the final years of her life. The sign reads in part, "Mary Harris 'Mother' Jones. The legendary labor organizer spent a lifetime fighting for unions and the rights of workers. She died at the Burgess Farm near here on November 30, 1930 ..." [ The farm and the house no longer exist] Prior to the unveiling, a celebration "Remembering Mother Jones" will be held starting at 11 AM in the auditorium of the National Labor College-George Meany Center for Labor Studies, 10000 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD. (The dedication site is located 5 minutes by automobile from the auditorium.)

Sponsoring the remembrance are:
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Labor Heritage Foundation
Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO
National Labor College-George Meany Center for Labor Studies
United Mine Workers of America

For additional information about the remembrance contact Janet O'Connor, National Labor College-George Meany Center for Labor Studies, telephone: (301) 431-5421.

Bob Reynolds
Labor's Heritage

Posted: 9 November 2000