The Essential E.P. Thompson

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The Essential E.P. Thompson
Edited and Introduced by Dorothy Thompson, Professor of History at the University of Birmingham, author of The Chartists and Queen Victoria: Gender and Power, partner and co-worker with E.P. Thompson over many years.

The most comprehensive collection of historical writings from the author of The Making of the English Working Class. A useful anthology for courses on class and history.

"This volume presents the greatest hits of the father of 'history from below' who marshaled grassroots data, and launched a scholar's crusade to reclaim workers - 'the poor stockinger, the Luddite cropper' - from the enormous condescension of posterity" (Washington Post Book World 21.1.2001).

E.P.Thompson was an influential and visionary historian, acclaimed as a 'historian from below'. His writings have changed the ways in which we think about the past in general and the role of working people in particular. This book includes selections from his major historical writings, from William Morris: Romantic to Revolutionary onwards.


  • Introduction
  • PART ONE - POLITICS AND CULTURE: from The Making of the English Working Class: Preface, Exploitation, The Weavers, ClassConsciousness, Mary Wollstonecraft [pages 3-191], from William Morris: The Anti-Scrape, Rivers of Fire, Postscript [pages 192-273], Rejections and Reconciliations: Alien Homage [274-283]
  • PART TWO - LAW AND CUSTOM: The Grid of Inheritance from Persons and Polemics [287-315], The Moral Economy of the English Crowd from Customs in Common [316-377], The Crime of Anonymity from Albion's Fatal Tree [378- 431] The Rule of Law from Whigs and Hunters [432-442]
  • PART THREE - HISTORY AND THEORY: Historical Logic, and Marxism and History from The Poverty of Theory [445-478]
  • PART FOUR - READING AND WRITING HISTORY: History from Below, Agenda for Radical History from Persons and Polemics, [481-494], further reading.

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Posted: 1 February 2001