Antwerp-Rotterdam Port History

Workshop in Louvain

On 10-11 May 2001 the Workshop in Quantitative Economic History (K.U.Leuven) and the Centre for Business History (UFSIA), in co-operation with the Antwerp Port Authority, will organise a "Conference on comparative Antwerp-Rotterdam port history (1870-2000)".

In the course of the last century and a half, economic growth in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam has been staggering. Maritime economic historians, economists and geographers have investigated the development of both ports extensively, but separately. So far, only a few attempts have been made to analyse Rotterdam-Antwerp port history from a comparative perspective.

This international conference aims at confronting the development of both ports in all its aspects. In doing so we will be able to ascertain why and how the two ports reacted so differently to virtually the same economic and political trends. By bringing together historians and economists from different backgrounds, we will be able to set an agenda for future research.

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Posted: 2 February 2001