ESTER Program

Postgraduate advanced seminars

The European Graduate School for Training in Economic and Social Historical Research (ESTER) is an international postgraduate network incorporating more than 60 European universities. The network organises research training in the form of annual series of Advanced Seminars on specialised themes within Economic and Social History. Each seminar can host a maximum of 15 postgraduates from European universities who are given the opportunity to discuss their work with a number of renowned senior scholars in their field of research. The network language is English.


  • The History of Violence and Social Movements
    organiser: professor Heinz-Gerhard Haupt (University of Bielefeld)
    The seminar will take place at the University of Bari, Italy
    dates: the 13th until the 18th of November, 2001
  • Urban History: a Multiform Discipline
    organisers: professor Lydia Dracaki (Panteion University) and professor Pim Kooij (University of Groningen)
    The seminar will take place at the Panteion University Athens, Greece
    dates: the 21st until the 26th of February, 2002
  • Industrialisation - Past and Present
    organisers: professor Lennart Schön and professor Christer Gunnarsson (University of Lund)
    The seminar will take place at the Panteion University Athens, Greece
    dates: the 26th of February until the 3rd of March, 2002

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Dr Angélique Janssens
Director ESTER Programme
University of Nijmegen; Department of History
P.O. Box 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen; The Netherlands
fax: 00-31-24-3611591

Posted: 6 March 2001