Wisconsin Labor History Society

Website and bibliography

This is to announce that the Wisconsin Labor History Society now has a website at URL wisconsinlaborhistory.org. Links to the site are welcomed, of course.

Bibliography Also Available

Of special interest at our site is the first version (with about 200 items) of the "Wisconsin Labor History Bibliography"; three ways are provided for viewing the bibliography: by author, by the geographic place discussed, and by the topic discussed.

The direct URL to the bibliography is wisconsinlaborhistory.org/ref.html. Or you can go to the homepage of the Wisconsin Labor History Society first at URL wisconsinlaborhistory.org, then click on the button labelled "Bibliography/Reference" to get to it.

For the present, the bibliography primarily lists books, periodical articles, book chapters, theses, videos and music. Quarterly updates to the bibliography are planned. Annotations will be provided to as many of the items in the bibliography as possible. In the future we will be expanding to include additional categories of materials (e.g., historic markers and monuments).

Laurie Wermter
Wisconsin Labor History Society

Posted: 10 April 2001