Images of Japanese Labour

Online exhibition at the Ohara Institute

The Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University (Tokyo, Japan), has started an on-line exhibit of posters, "Images of Japanese Labor and Social Movement in the Post-1945 Japan" at

The exhibit presents, in a slide show format, about 200 posters of labor unions mainly in the early post war period. The presented posters include those of major labor organizations in the early postwar period, such as Sanbetsu Kaigi (Congress of Industrial Unions of Japan), Sohyo (General Council of Trade Unions of Japan), Tanro (Japan Coal Miners' Union), and Densan (Japan Electrical Power Workers' Industrial Labor Union). Title and/or organization names of the presented posters are translated into English. These posters are a part of about 1400 posters of labor and social movements in the postwar Japan owned by Ohara Institute. We will add more posters to the exhibit as they become ready for presentation.

Akira Suzuki
Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University

Posted: 11 July 2001