Mikhail Bakunin

CFP: conference in Priamukhino

Priamukhino Readings
July 27-28, 2002
Priamukhino, Tver region, Russia

On July 27-28, in the village of Priamukhino, at the estate of the Bakunin family, the second Priamukhino readings will be held. The organizers of the Priamukhino readings consider them to be a continuation of the cause, as well as a tribute to Natalya Pirumova, the well-known Russian historian, who organized the Bakunin readings in 1994 (and numerous other events devoted to the Russian anarchist and revolutionary, Mikhail Bakunin).

The conference organizers, the Bakunin Fund, invite those studying the history of Priamukhino and the Tver region, the history of the Bakunin family and the activities and ideas of its most prominent member, Mikhail Bakunin, to participate in this year¹s and future Priamukhino readings, which we hope will be regular. We also invite those involved in restoration projects similar to the one currently carried out in Priamukhino by the Bakunin Find, journalists, writers and all those interested to come and share their ideas and experience.

In the XIXth century Bakunin's estate in Priamukhino was notorious for its harmonious atmosphere. However, now Priamukhino, which was known because of both its dwellers and its guests, which included Belinsky, Stankevich, Turgenev, Gorky and Tolstoy, is in ruins and in a desperate state. The Bakunin Fund, which was established for the purpose of the preservation and restoration of Priamukhino, tries to solve a double task of restoring the buildings and the park of Priamukhino and the atmosphere of cultural and spiritual quest which characterized it in the past.

The main topics which will be discussed at the readings, will include the history of Priamukhino and the Bakunin family, their role in Russian history, problems of restoration of historical monuments, the life and ideas of Mikhail Bakunin, anarchist ideas of the past and present.

You can inquire about all details concerning participation in the conference by contacting the organizers:

Sergey Kornilov
chairman of the Bakunin Fund
tel (7-08257) 75160 (in Russian)

Mikhail Tsovma
tel (7-095) 269-49-35 (in Russian or English)

Participants of the readings will be provided with transportation from Moscow or Tver, placement in country cottages in Priamukhino, and food. A small donation is required to cover the expenses. Voluntary donations for purposes of the restoration of Priamukhino are also welcome. Please, notify the organizers in advance if you intend to come to the conference.

Materials of last year's Priamukhino readings are available in Russian at the website of the Bakunin Fund, bakunin-fund.da.ru. The website also contains some reports about the restoration works in Priamukhino, photos of the place, etc. Expansion of the Priamukhino school museum devoted to the history of Priamukhino and Mikhail Bakunin is now under way.

You can also send your reports on the topics mentioned above for translation and publication in Russian. Articles (preferably in English, but also in other languages) can be sent to tsovma@online.ru.

During the last decade of July and the first decade of August a volunteer camp is organized in Priamukhino for the purpose of restoring the house of Bakunin and the park. Volunteer work is carried out by anarchists predominantly, but all good natured folks are welcome. Please, note that conditions are Spartan and a sleeping bag, working clothes and things such as plates, cups, forks are required. All inquiries can be made to the e-mail above.