Labour History

TOC, nr 92, May 2007
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Labour History. A Journal of Labour and Social History
Number 92 * May 2007


American Liberalism and Labour Politics: Labour Leaders and Liberty Language in Late Nineteenth Century Australia and the United States
Robin Archer     1

Transcending Class? Australia's Single Taxers in the Early 1890s
Melissa Bellanta     17

Fat Man v. 'the People': Labour Intellectuals and the Making of Oppositional Identities, 1890-1901 Nick Dyrenfurth and Marian Quartly     31

Careers Advice for Women and the Shaping of Identities
Kay Whitehead     57

Labour Management Practices in Non-Union Firms: Australian Abrasive Industry 1945-70
Melissa Kerr     75

Collateral Damage: B.A. Santamaria and the Marginalising of Social Catholicism
Race Mathews     89

The Mine at Baryulgil: Work, Knowledge, and Asbestos Disease Jock McCulloch     113

Historical Perspectives on Current Issues

Vitiating the Federal Principle: The High Court Work Choices Case, 2006 Mark Hearn     129

Contested Histories Forum

Was the 'Southern Tree of Liberty' an Oak?
Paul A. Pickering     139

'A Song for the Future' : A Response to Paul Pickering
Terry Irving     143

Conference Reports

Trans-Tasman Labour History: Comparative or Transnational?
Peter Franks     149

Labour History on Film

The History of the Great Australian Lockout in 50 Minutes
Diane Michael     153


Wendy Lowenstein, 1927-2006 : A Woman of Worth
Phyl Lobl     157

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