Anarchism, Labour and Syndicalism

CFP: Loughborough University, Sep 2008

Please circulate (Dave Berry [mailto][/mailto])
Call for papers for a panel on anarchism, labour and syndicalism
With a view to the forthcoming 1st Anarchist Studies Network Conference (Loughborough University, Sept. 2008), we would like to organise a workshop on syndicalism or more generally on issues related to anarchism and the labour movement. The theme will be understood in its broadest sense, with no specific geographical or period restriction. Possible topics (by no means exclusive) could include:
  • the everyday practice of syndicalism in the workplace or the unions
  • the relationship of syndicalist militants with more reformist elements within the unions, in the workplace or during strikes, and with marxists
  • theories of syndicalism and their legacy
  • comparative studies of syndicalist movements or theories
  • biographies of prominent as well as lesser-known syndicalist militants
  • syndicalist networks
  • syndicalist papers
  • the transnational diffusion of syndicalism
  • strategies associated with syndicalism (sabotage, the general strike...)
  • syndicalism and parliamentary politics
  • syndicalism and war
  • syndicalism and marxism
  • syndicalism and councilism
For further details and submissions, please contact or Constance Bantman ([mailto][/mailto]) or Dave Berry ([mailto][/mailto]).