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Conference programme, London, 2 Feb 2008
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Apologies for the mass emailing, but I wanted to pass on the details of an event which will take place this February: a conference to mark 70 years since the publication of CLR James' book The Black Jacobins. Keynote speakers will include Darcus Howe, Selma James, Weyman Bennett, Bill Schwarz and Marika Sherwood.

Details below. If there's anything you can do to publicise the event, whether printing off and displaying the attached poster on a noticeboard, or sending some version of this message around any email lists you control, or writing the event up in any fashion whatsoever, I would be extremely grateful.

With thanks,

David Renton

Seventy years of The Black Jacobins
Saturday 2 February 2008
Venue: Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London.

9.30 - Registration

10.00-11.15 Welcome and Keynote addresses:
Chair: Christian Hogsbjerg
Selma James, writer and activist
Bill Schwarz, editor of West Indian Intellectuals in Britain

11.15-11.30 Coffee

11.30-12.30 PANEL ONE: C.L.R. JAMES
Chair: Andrew Smith
Paget Henry, "The Black Jacobins and C.L.R. James's Theory of State Capitalism"
Aldon Lynn Nielson, "'The Wings of Atlanta': C.L.R. James and Black Jacobins at the Institute of the Black World"

Chair: Graham Campbell
Olukoya Ogen, "The Haitian Revolution, 1791-1805: A Yoruba Cultural Legacy"
Jennifer Brittan, "Patrimony in Translation: The Rerouting of Haitian History in the Circum-Caribbean"

12.30-1.30 Lunch

Chair: Keith Flett, LSHG
Gregory Pierrot, "'Our Hero': The literarization of Toussaint Louverture in British representations"
Charles Forsdick and Rachel Douglas, "Rewriting the Revolutionary:
C.L.R. James's representations of Toussaint Louverture"

Chair: Rachel Cohen, LSHG
Commentator: Frank Rosegarten
Nick Nesbitt, "On the Concept of Black Jacobinism: James and the Struggle for Hegemony in St. Domingue"
Matthew Quest, "On 'Both Sides' of the Haitian Revolution? Rethinking Direct Democracy and National Liberation in C.L.R. James's The Black Jacobins"

2.30-2.45 Coffee

2.45-4.00 Closing Plenary:
Chair: David Renton
Darcus Howe, columnist and activist
Marika Sherwood, author of After Abolition; Britain and the Slave Trade Since 1807 Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary of Unite Against Fascism

To register in advance, send a cheque for £10 (£5 unwaged or low-wage) to the London Socialist Historians Group, 3 Lavenham Court, Putney, London SW15 2RF.

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