Southern African Labour History

TOC: African Studies 66 (2007) 2-3
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African Studies Volume 66, Issue 2 & 3, August 2007
Routledge: Taylor and Francis

Special issue: "Transnational and Comparative Perspectives on Southern African Labour History"
Edited by Philip Bonner, Jonathan Hyslop and Lucien Van Der Walt

This special issue follows from an international labour history conference on "Rethinking Worlds of Labour: southern African labour history in international context", held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 28-31 July 2006. The conference, and this volume, were premised on the vision of a renewed labour history that takes regional and transnational processes seriously, and that situates South Africa within southern Africa, and southern Africa, too, within the larger world. In eschewing "methodological nationalism", and thinking about a southern African, rather than a South African, working class, and in noting that working classes and working-class movements are not forged in autonomous "national" contexts, the emphasis was on connections and comparisons. This volume is a contribution to opening up a transnational labour history, not its conclusion, and is one of a series of initiatives across the world, often independently undertaken, at "globalising" labour history.


Philip Bonner, Jonathan Hyslop and Lucien Van Der Walt, "Rethinking Worlds of Labour: Southern African Labour History in International Context"

Marcel Van Der Linden, "Labour History: The Old, the New and the Global"

Sumit Sakar, "Labour History in India and South Africa: Some Affinities and Contrasts"

Peter Alexander, "Women and Coal Mining in India and South Africa, c1900-1940"

Lucien Van Der Walt, "The First Globalisation and Transnational Labour Activism in Southern Africa: White Labourism, the IWW, and the ICU, 1904-1934"

Jeremy Seekings, "Workers and the Beginnings of Welfare State-Building in Argentina and South Africa"

George M. Gona, "Towards a Concrete East African Trade Union Federation: History, Prospects and Constraints"

Allison Drew, "Urban Activists and Rural Movements: Communists in South Africa and Algeria, 1920s-1930s"

Karen Hunt, "Towards a Gendered and Raced Socialist Internationalism: Dora Montefiore Encounters South Africa (1912-14)"

Wazha G. Morapedi, "Comparative Aspects of Farm Labour in Twentieth Century Botswana"

Kally Forrest, "Out of Time: The National Union of Metalworker's Pursuit of Power: 1989-1995"

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