Revolutions in World History: Comparisons and Connections

Call for papers CISH 2015, deadline 30 November
XXIInd CISH Congress, in Jinan
Jinan, China 23 to 29 August 2015
MT3 Revolutions in World History: Comparisons and Connections
Call for papers :

The International Committee has chosen as a Major Theme for its congress in Jinan the subject of ‘Revolutions in World History: Comparisons and Connections’. This topic can be studied across time from the revolutions of the seventeenth century to the Arab Spring of 2011, and it is our expectation that the proposals submitted will cover many different periods and societies. We are looking particularly for approaches that will encourage an understanding of the character of revolution as a force in world history and of the connections between revolutions in different countries and different time periods. To this end we invite proposals on any aspect of revolution,and drawn from all continents of the world, that can contribute to our understanding of the circumstances in which revolutions occur and their shared characteristicsacross time and place. Papers might address some of the following issues, though it is emphasised that this list is given by way of example only and that it is in no way intended to be comprehensive:

(1) The circumstances that give rise to revolutions, their genesis and causes;
(2) The role of ideology in revolutionary movements;
(3) Republicanism, parliamentary institutions and government by the people;
(4) The relation of revolutionary elites to the popular masses;
(5) External war, civil war, and their role in the revolutionary process;
(6) Revolutionary diasporas: the spread and adaptation of revolutionary ideas;
(7) The memory and imagery of revolution and their insertion into political culture;
(8) Circulation and transfer: revolutions considered as world movements

Proposals should be submitted not later than 30 November 2013. They should be addressed to the organisers, Alan Forrest(alan.forrest [at], Hiroshi Mitani (hmitani [at] and Pierre Serna, pierreserna [at]
Proposals should be a maximum of 2 500 characters - 350 words and should be sent with a short biographical note to the organizers and to the Secretary General Robert Frank : by the 30th November 2013.