Archivio Biografico del Movimento Operaio Newsletter

December 2015

Dear Colleague

we write to advise that our site has been completely updated with the biographies and documentary material published in the fifth volume of the series Individual and collective biographies of the Italian working-class movement. It is now possible to consult 1699 biographies, 1087 photos, 2982 individual archives and 93 literary works, all completely digitalised.

The updating involves not only the new material added by the fifth volume (Un socialismo di rito Ambrosiano – Emiliano. I congressi costituenti del Partito Socialista Italiano. 1891-1893. Milano, Pantarei, 2013) but all the biographies and related documentation previously placed on the site. Such overall updating will become a regular feature: since it appears unlikely that at present we are in a position to write the final word on every individual biography, we will consider every file open to future additions and integration.

We would therefore be particularly pleased to receive contributions and suggestions from the users of our site, and hope that the above information is useful to you.

Yours sincerely

Emilio Gianni