CfP: Tenth Global Studies Conference, Special Focus Global Mobilities

Call for papers, deadline 8 March 2017

Tenth Global Studies Conference
National University of Singapore, Singapore
8-9 June 2017

2017 Special Focus: Global Mobilities

The conference seeks to examine the different types of mobilities that constitute contemporary forms of globalisation, which are often understood as sets of processes that generally reduce the costs and obstacles to movements across borders. These movements include money and capital, migrants and labour, ideas and norms, practices and policies of government, resistance and terrorism, technology transfers and data flows, and environmental factors such as pollution and disease. Each one of these concepts and processes is governed by a different logic of mobility both causally and normatively, which suggests that there is no single correct frame for studying all of them. As such, the conference also proposes to investigate the theory and practice of global studies, examining its status as an emerging field, its relationship to the study of global justice, and its connections with activism.