ToC: TSEG/ The Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History

Table of contents, Volume 14, Issue 2, 2017


Introduction ‘Inequality in the Low Countries’
Jutta Bolt, Wouter Ryckbosch

Research Articles

Charting the Development of Wealth Inequality in the Netherlands since 1950: an On-going Quest
Ann Coenen

Wealth Inequality in the Netherlands, c. 1950-2015. The Paradox of a Northern European Welfare State
Bas Van Bavel, Ewout Frankema

Wealth Inequality in a Time of Transition: Coastal Flanders in the Sixteenth Century
Kristof Dombrecht, Wouter Ryckbosch

Review Article

Life Expectancy at Birth: the Numbers Behind the Means
Richard Zijdeman

Book Reviews